Merchant acquiring

The globalization of the banking industry, the continuing shift from cash to electronic payment and increasing regulatory pressures are placing demands on acquiring businesses to compete more effectively in the market and to improve their operational efficiency.

ACI has more than 40 years of experience in providing solutions to merchant acquirers. ACI’s solution set provides acquirers with the capability to implement and manage merchant agreements with a wide range of pricing and settlement options.

ACI's dependable, reliable and robust solutions help acquirers to grow and to introduce improved efficiency into their operations.

ACI Acquirer

ACI Acquirer provides merchant management capabilities including account and transaction management, merchant service, billing and settlement. It manages merchant portfolios in different countries and for different acquirers, and has full multi-currency, multi-institution and multi-language capabilities which meet the needs of multi-national merchants. Flexible rules-based merchant agreement definition allows acquirers to set terms and conditions which are attractive and competitive.

ACI Interchange

ACI Interchange provides clearing and settlement with the major international payment schemes: Visa, MasterCard, JCB and American Express. ACI is a member of all major scheme vendor programs and through regular mandate releases removes the burden of maintaining payment scheme compliance from merchant acquirers.

ACI Proactive Risk Manager

ACI Proactive Risk Manager provides the capability to detect and manage potentially fraudulent transactions using pre-defined rules and analytic models.


BASE24-eps is an integrated payment engine that acquires, authenticates, switches, and authorizes financial transactions across multiple channels. BASE24-eps incorporates online authorization interfaces to the major global payment schemes as well as many regional and national schemes.


An integrated payments processing, card management and merchant acquiring solution designed for the Windows operating system. 

Created with the ability to handle any delivery channel, performing any transaction type, the solution can be extended through powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs). Standard interfaces are provided to all the major international card schemes.  This solution will meet the needs of acquirers, issuers and switches, whether financial institutions or processors.