System monitoring and management

Lack of real-time visibility into the cardholder behavior, transaction profitability, risk mitigation, and technological investments can cause large investment and operational losses, customer service interruptions and missed market opportunities.

Payment Service Management closely aligns the IT services of payments with the payments line-of-business, helping both business and operations personnel understand how the financial institutions’ payments business is performing at every level. This simultaneously reduces IT costs, improves quality of service, manages risk, and provides transparency for monitoring system infrastructure health.

Prognosis for BASE24 and UP BASE24-eps

Provides correlated visibility into BASE24 and UP BASE24-eps payments environments through in-depth monitoring and analysis of transactions, applications, supporting IT infrastructure, and payments devices. The solution enables the monitoring and management of the transaction, ATM and infrastructure environments via highly graphical dashboards.

Prognosis for Money Transfer System

Delivers unprecedented insight into ACI Money Transfer System ensuring maximum uptime of your system while maximizing the efficiency of your operations including detailed operational insight into transactions processing, queue monitoring, exception monitoring, and lines availability via highly graphical dashboards and reporting.

Prognosis for Postilion

Delivers visibility for all Postilion transaction and system information in real-time, via highly visual displays that convey the status of the payments and underlying infrastructure and alert you through multiple channels when events are not normal. Through this visibility, Prognosis for Postilion provides the ability to act on special events as they occur reducing the downtime of the payment application environment and related operations costs.

Prognosis for Proactive Risk Manager

Enables fraud teams to proactively monitor and manage in real time the financial crime management application, its environment and the activities of its operators. The solution provides monitoring functionality to Proactive Risk Manager to ensure the availability and stable system performance of the application and its underlying infrastructure via highly graphical dashboards and reporting.