Web service enablement

Typical challenges organizations are facing include:

  • Providing access to existing SNA-based payment applications across TCP/IP backbone networks
  • Supporting payment applications to participate in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to take advantage of industry standard web services
  • Protecting their payment applications regardless of how they are being accessed.

Working with ACI, companies can confidently preserve their investment in their underlying payment infrastructure even while migrating to new technologies. ACI’s suite of payment integration products provides a range of communication services to enable message exchange among disparate applications on multiple platforms and enable secure web enablement of payment applications.

Communication Services for Advanced Networking (ICE-XS)

A solution providing message level transport, routing, transformation and security services which is available on multiple platforms (for example IBM’s AIX and Oracle Solaris).

ICE-XS acts as a communications access method, providing transports enabling applications or devices to communicate. Connectivity options include, but are not limited to, native TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, HTTP(S), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), WebSphere MQ, IBM’s SNA/APPN and more.

ICE-XS is the integration of the functionality in the products listed below in a more flexible, cross-platform architecture.

Enterprise Security Services (SafeTGate)

Enterprise security solutions for the HP NonStop platform, that protect TCP/IP communications, and provide authentication, authorization and auditing.

Web Access Services (WebGate)

Suite of products that enable BASE24 to participate in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to take advantage of industry web services standards.