Rewards and offer management

Consumers have become accustomed to issuer-based reward programs. However, the cost to support these programs is continually increasing, which means consumers are no longer receiving a valuable reward – or it takes too long to build enough points to gain a meaningful reward. For retailers, this is a cost-effective opportunity to regain ownership of loyalty programs and drive new sales to stores.

Postilion for Retailers

Captures and authorizes customer payments at the point of purchase, providing a fast, convenient and cost-effective method for processing a wide variety of electronic payments.

ACI hosted and SaaS-based solutions

Relieves the merchant from the everyday responsibilities of installing, deploying, configuring, and maintaining the software solution, reducing PCI costs and worries associate with managing one’s own rewards management solution.

ACI Retail Commerce Server

Single, integrated platform that forms the basis of a customer-centric retailing strategy. Leverage the critical interaction of payments as the foundation for growing profitably by driving new revenue, keeping more spend in store and reducing losses due to fraud and abuse.

  • Gift and Proprietary Card Management supports the issuance and acceptance of prepaid stored value cards and private label credit cards.
  • Rewards Management provides an enterprise-wide online reward system controls multiple concurrent programs for a single customer, allowing maximum flexibility in the way shoppers are rewarded and motivated.
  • Refunds Management detects and stops fraudulent and abusive return behavior as well as increasing sales and customer loyalty.

All available to license on-premise or on the ACI On-demand services.