In-store payments processing


ACI’s In-Store solution provides required capabilities for simple and complex payment processing needs. The solution prompts the consumer and gathers the necessary card payment details to process the payment request and it acquires, authenticates, routes, switches and authorizes merchant financial transactions across multiple channels. 

By bypassing the POS system, direct and indirect systems that process sensitive cardholder data can be minimized. This solution reduces the costs associated with achieving and maintaining PCI compliance and further reduces the risk of data theft with additional security controls on the in-lane devices.

Postilion for Retailers

Postilion is an integrated payments processing and card management solution designed for the Windows operating systems.It captures and authorizes customer payments at the point of purchase, providing a fast, convenient and cost-effective method for processing a wide variety of electronic payments.

ACI Retail Commerce Server

Single, integreated platform that forms the basis of a customer-centric retailing strategy.  Leverage the critical interaction of payments as the foundation for growing profitability by driving new revenue, keeping more spend in store and reducing losses due to fraud and abuse.

Integration Tool Kit

A software call routine that automatically formats transactional input data into a standard message format.

Isolated Payment Appliance

An in-store hardware device that reduces the PCI scope of the POS network by isolating the payment portion of the purchase experience by being the operating system for ACI’s in-store software

Isolated Payment Appliance Manager

A centralized server that oversees the daily upkeep of the Isolated Payment Appliances distributed throughout a retailer’s organization.


An in-store solution that manages the interaction with the payment devices located at the retailer’s check-out terminals.  Controlling the customer payment experience at the point of purchase, eSocket.POS manages these devices on behalf of the POS application; thus reducing the PCI scope of the POS network.

Loyalty and Rewards Management

Create, manage and distribute promotional programs to the point of sale, allowing delivery of rewards in real time – providing immediate response to customer behavior.

Stored Value Card Programs

Centralize customer information in support of the  issuance and acceptance of in-house gift and charge card programs; providing customers with attractive products and services that build trust and loyalty.