Business online banking and payments

As the online channel is now the preferred method of communication for small businesses when transacting, community financial institutions are faced with the need to provide business online banking services as well closely managing risk associated with these more complex transactions. 

ACI Business Banking offers a highly secure and intuitive business online banking solution that enables banks to succeed in this market and respond quickly to the specific cash management needs of business customers with services such as positive pay, payroll automation, ACH facilitation and tax payments.

ACI Business Banking for community financial institutions

ACI Business Banking is an easy-to-use solution that enables community financial institutions to deliver robust cash management features and rich automation, including entitlements, essential reporting for audit tracking, service plans and more.

Business Banking leverages the power of the ACI Self-Service Banking platform to provide a consistent, real time experience across the channel as well as across all ACI Self-Service solutions.

WebFederal for credit unions

WebFederal is a flexible internet banking platform, able to combine a number of different features that the credit union can select to meet their specific needs and goals.

The system can include both basic functionality such as transfers, account history, bill payment etc, as well as cutting edge features such as mobile banking, personal financial management, person to person payments, all in a cost effective package.