ACI Money Transfer System

By providing a set of independent business application services orchestrated to meet a bank’s specific processing requirements, Money Transfer System can operate as a payment engine for multiple payment types – high-value or low-value or an enterprise solution for internal and external global messaging.  The solution can be packaged to meet the distinct processing requirements of different customer segments – small business, large corporates or correspondent banks.

Money Transfer System is a multibank, multicurrency solution that provides 24x7 payments processing capabilities and interfaces to multiple Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (RTGS, ACH/SEPA and Deferred Net Settlement systems). It also interfaces easily with messaging systems, internal back-office systems and numerous third-party banking applications.

It provides a single-source solution for domestic and international payments processing, as well as for SWIFT financial messaging.

Money Transfer System offers complete and ongoing regulatory compliance.  The solution offers timely delivery of regulatory updates to meet mandated go-lives such as:
• Dodd-Frank payments processing – completed on time and comprehensively, despite tight timelines and subsequent delays
• BAI (X9) format for Fedwire remittance data
• FedWire Payment Notification
• SEPA EPC Rulebook and EBA STEP2 specification compliance
• Annual SWIFT Standards for MT and MX / ISO20022

Key benefits

  • Single-source solution

    highly optimized domestic and international payment processing enables banking institutions to run complex global payments operations, for both high and low-value payments on a single system with smart routing for least cost processing
  • Industry-leading straight through processing facilities within a highly configurable workflow

  • Multi-bank and multi-branch capabilities

    all your global processing needs, centralized in one place or distributed in a configurable network
  • Supports high-volume, mission-critical payments processing and SWIFT financial messaging

  • Proven performance and resiliency

  • Tailor systems to satisfy current and future workflow requirements

  • Facilitates a wide range of intra-day information flows through innovative communications technology

  • Enhanced Sanctions Filter

    offers a robust, highly configurable solution to allow efficient management of sanctions filtering activity and a reduction in false positives.
  • Enterprise fraud and AML solutions supporting all transaction types

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Additional information

  • Money Transfer System provides an interoperable, open and efficient Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Single code base – installed globally

  • Intuitive, friendly user interfaces 

  • Unlimited payment and messaging workflows

  • Robust Bulk File capabilities to support multiple networks including SEPA

  • Sophisticated liquidity management features

  • Maximized straight-through-processing (STP) rates

  • Supports centralized, decentralized or regional operations

  • Money Transfer System powers over 65% of US Fedwire and over 7% of SWIFT traffic

ACI On Demand hosted solutions provide a secure and reliable environment for all your transaction banking needs.  Watch this video to learn more.