ACI Enterprise Banker

Enterprise Banker offers a full range of online banking functionality — from balance and transaction reporting, ACH origination, wire transfer origination and reporting to remote check deposit, bill presentment and payment and cash concentration. In addition, the solution provides an infrastructure for easily integrating other products and services offered by your institution.

Key benefits

  • Improve profitability
    Reduce operating costs through the use of a single platform for all online banking activities and customers.
  • React quickly to a changing business environment
    Reduces time-to-market for new services with preconfigured interfaces for common industry host systems
  • Easily configurable
    Offer customers a variety of packages to meet their unique needs for reporting, payments and online banking services
  • Industry regulation and mandate compliance
    Ensures customer compliance with regulations for payments formats, including FF IEC and NACHA and includes a toolkit for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.

Additional information

  • Provides a single platform for online banking 

  • Interfaces to the ACI Money Transfer System for an end-to-end solution

  • Offers online, real-time enrollments

  • Accessible via mobile or tablet devices

  • Enables banks to flexibly create product packages or assign individual services to customers

  • Integrates with bank portals and other bank applications

  • Supports multifactor authentication at logon, ACH release and wire release

  • Interfaces to major host systems