Electronic File Delivery

Electronic File Delivery provides users with a bulk transfer method for their payments using bank defined or customer defined proprietary file formats - domestic and international. Users can review, upload, batch, re-batch and delete payment files from different locations around the world.

Key benefits

  • Handle tens of thousands of payments per day by sending one file with all payments
  • Incorporates translation intelligence which means that the application can receive numerous inbound file formats and deliver either a single format to the bank’s payment processing system or create separate payment files for multiple back office systems. Any bulk format can be supported – proprietary or standard
  • Improves customer’s reconciliation abilities by obtaining transaction and/or file level confirmations, ability to rebatch option to move items from one file to another and view remittance information sent with payment data
  • Easily manages receipt and delivery of files worldwide by allowing development of new file formats to support customers’ proprietary formats, adding file-type or payment-type specific validations, and a console to examine errors and exceptions
  • Offers advanced security features such as multiple approval levels, locked-down source paths, limit checking, and duplicate file checking
  • Processes 10,000 items asynchronously in under 10 minutes
  • Conforms to the Unicode Standard to support worldwide interchange and processing of data

Additional information

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