Postilion for banks and processors

Using the Windows operating system, Postilion supports the full range of card products – credit, debit and prepaid – as well as transactions across all channels from ATM and POS to e-commerce and mobile.

Key benefits

  • Supports any channel
    ATM, POS, Self-service terminals, Internet, kiosks, call centers and mobile devices
  • Supports all EMV, magnetic stripe, contactless formats for debit, credit, prepaid, corporate, gift and private label cards
  • Delivers the needs of processors for multi-institution processing
  • Advanced transaction support including foreign exchange dispensing, dynamic currency conversion and prepaid top-up
  • Innovative card management functionality supports the entire life cycle of the card
  • Certified as PA-DSS compliant
  • Compliance with card scheme mandates is maintained as part of the standard support  service
  • Sophisticated operational tools allowing centralized control with proactive real-time monitoring and alert management
  • Modular architecture allowing the fast roll out of new features and functions
  • Active/active high availability prevents unscheduled outages and allows scheduled maintenance to be performed without downtime

Additional information

Postilion consists of three major components delivering the key services required by financial institutions and processors:

  • Postilion Realtime is the transaction acquiring, switching and authorizing component for the real time processing of payment transactions
  • Postilion Card delivers card management functionality including stand-in, validation, authorization and card issuing
  • Postilion Office provides settlement and reconciliation functions, as well as reports, transaction query functionality and data extracts

ACI offers standard support for a wide range of message protocols, terminals, interfaces, and file formats. Customers rely on us for ATM driving and POS driving—standalone and integrated POS systems.