InterACT Universal Banker

InterACTUB delivers a consistent customer experience across channels including branch, call center and back office, as well as delivering extended branch support for browser based employees such as relationship managers or calling officers. 

InterACTUB delivers a customer-centric environment that helps you drive new revenue, increase operational efficiency and deliver a consistent customer experience across your points of customer interaction.


Key benefits

  • Drive new revenue
    InterACT’s sophisticated cross-selling tools and analytics capabilities, along with our consolidated customer views provides your employees with the tools needed to drive new revenue
  • Increase efficiency - lower operational costs
    InterACT’s paperless branch and cash automation capabilities stream-line labor intensive branch processes and significantly reduce branch overhead and operating costs
  • View your customers as a market-of-one
    InterACT’s integrated CRM capabilities deliver a single multi-channel view of your customers providing you with the opportunity to know each customer and to treat each customer uniquely
  • Mitigate fraud and risk
    InterACT’s fraud and cash transaction monitoring tools help you identify fraudulent activity and reduce potential losses
  • Seamlessly integrate enterprise-wide customer data
    InterACT’s open architecture supports seamless integration and display of relevant customer data from third party and legacy systems providing your employees with the information they need to interact with effectively with your customers

Additional information

  • More than 750 financial institutions worldwide use the InterACTUB family of products to support their monetary, non-monetary and sales needs throughout their enterprise
  • InterACTUB is based upon a 25 year track record of branch product delivery and implementation success