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ACI Acquirer for Business Owners

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ACI Acquirer stores and manages merchant accounts and their histories and supports the complete life cycle of back office processing including setting up merchant agreement terms and conditions, opening accounts, account management, transaction management, merchant service, billing and settlement.
ACI Acquirer provides many features to enhance revenues, improve payment productivity and enhance relationships with merchants. 

Key benefits

  • Generate new revenues

    Generate incremental revenues from your existing merchants from a system that supports sophisticated fee structures, transaction-based pricing, and merchant settlement terms that enable revenue and portfolio growth
  • Improved payments productivity

    Improve product time-to-market, deployment, and portability with streamlined installation, development of new features, and release updates
  • Enhanced merchant relationships

    Flexible merchant hierarchies allow you to meet the diverse needs of small domestic companies or multi-national conglomerates from the same platform

Additional information

  • ACI Card and Merchant Management solutions are based on a common core of technology that eases integration, set-up and management

  • ACI Professional Services implements ACI Acquirer for customers using a well proven methodology backed by 30 years of experience

  • Data conversion software provides automated migration of merchant portfolios from legacy systems to ACI Acquirer

  • Available on IBM System z and Oracle Solaris platforms