ACI Payment Testing (ASSET)

Testing and identifying errors in code at the earliest possible stage is critical to the success of financial systems in production environments. ACI Payment Testing (ASSET) simplifies and automates the complex process of testing to ensure successful implementations, upgrades and software updates.

Key benefits

  • Reduce the cost of downtime
    Tests and simulates transactions before systems are in production
  • Slash development costs
    Reduces development life-cycle costs through integrated testing
  • Stress test
    Ensures devices and applications perform as expected and provides confidence in their performance capability
  • Implement faster
    Automates testing to significantly reduce the time of new implementations, upgrades and system enhancements
  • Ensure success
    Ensures a smooth implementation whether you are implementing a new financial system, upgrading an existing one, or rolling out new changes
  • Reduce testing costs
    Plug-and-play test packs provide test scripts and simulation for a wide variety of situations reducing the time it takes to start testing
  • Support global implementation
    A distributed, network based test environment means testing can be shared between all departments involved in development regardless of physical location

Additional information