ACI Communication Services

As a result many financial institutions need to provide access to existing SNA-based payment applications across TCP/IP backbone networks, support payment applications to participate in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and to protect their payment applications regardless of how they are being accessed.

Our range of communication services enable message exchange among disparate applications on multiple platforms and provide secure web enablement of payment applications.

ACI Communication Services for Advanced Networking (ICE-XS)

ICE-XS is the integration of the functionality in the products listed below in a more flexible, cross-platform architecture.

• ACI Communication Services (ICE)
ACI Web Access Services (WebGate)
ACI Enterprise Security Services (SafeTGate)

Additional information

  • ICE-XS is compatible with HP NSK, IBM z/OS, IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris

  • ICE-XS yields more flexible implementation choices than the traditional ICE, WebGate and SafeTGate products

  • Since the 5.0 release, enhancements will be delivered only in the ICE-XS architecture

    We encourage customers to migrate to ICE-XS to benefit from these and future enhancements
  • Customers on the products listed above will find ICE-XS in their software delivery

  • A critical component of UP Payments Risk Management solution, part of the ACI Universal Payments strategy.