Postilion for retailers

Today’s customers expect a consistent shopping experience across a number of existing and emerging payment channels.  Emerging payments schemes such as mobile payments challenge a retailer’s existing infrastructure and security regulations threaten profit margins, Postilion helps insulate the infrastructure while being proven to reduce costs and improve sales.

Key benefits

  • EMV support of Level 2 certified devices means a simpler route to compliance
  • Simplified PCI DSS compliance - easing the path to compliance, offers consumers peace of mind and protects retailers from security breaches and their associated costs
  • New revenue streams. Implement gift card programs, reward customer loyalty or add value at the POS with features like mobile top-up
  • Easy integration to emerging technologies - flexible support for a broad range of readers, PIN pads, EPOS applications and message protocols is available
  • Scales readily to handle real-time workloads of a typical Tier 1 retailer on a single server
  • Active/active deployment options protect against unplanned downtime and its expensive aftermath
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) - rapid development and integration to payment flow touchpoints such as new PIN Pads and interfaces to regional and national processors and card schemes
  • Flexible architecture means rapid adoption of emerging payment channels such as mobile payments, dynamic currency conversion (DCC) and contactless cards via NFC-enabled devices
  • Fraud management performing fraud checks as the payment transaction moves through the solution
  • eSocket.web - accommodates the internet shopping channel traffic of the card-not-present environment
  • ConfigServer is  a configuration management tool  that assists retailers to centrally monitor and manage the deployments of eSocket.POS across the POS estate

Additional information

Postilion consists of four major components delivering the key services required by retailers:

  • Postilion Realtime is the transaction acquiring, switching and authorizing component for the real time processing of payment transactions
  • Postilion Card delivers card management functionality including stand-in, validation, authorization and card issuing
  • Postilion Office provides settlement and reconciliation functions, as well as reports, transaction query functionality, and data extracts
  • Postilion eSocket.POS manages the interaction between customers and the payment devices located at the retailer’s check-out terminals