Store and Forward Timeout Reversal

SAFTOR handles the storage of real-time time out reversals and offline approval transactions and is configured to regularly despool these transactions until they are successfully processed or until a configured number of attempts have been executed. SAFTOR will also attempt to reroute the payment transaction to an alternate network port when communications are down on the primary connection.

Key benefits

  • Automatic Time-out Reversals (TOR’s) - handles the mandatory transaction reversal requirements of all major acquiring bank processors
  • Automatic Store-and-Forward (SAF’s) - stores offline transactions for later despooling which is securely stored in an encrypted PA-DSS certified manner
  • Alternate Routing - SAFTOR attempts to reroute the payment transaction over alternate IP connections for up to three other ports
  • Configuration controls - the retailer defines the transaction rules such as the frequency that stored offline transactions are reattempted and how many attempts will be made
  • Hot and Warm failover support to reroute transactions to backup payment switch servers when the primary network or payment switch server isn’t available

Additional information

  • Payment device notifications - updates the retailer’s payment devices that a timeout event occurred
  • Accepts the standard ISD IMS message format supported by most of the leading POS application vendors in the retailer market today