PINComm replaces the traditional role of the POS applications to drive the customer interaction of payment devices such as PIN pads.  Since the POS environment no longer drives these devices, it can be dramatically reduced from the scope of PCI offering substantial cost savings to non-compliant POS applications.

Key benefits

  • Drives the payment portion of the customer shopping experience
  • Reduces the PCI scope of POS applications, hardware and networks
  • Reduces the costs of rapidly migrating to new payment devices
  • Enables the retailer to control a true end-to-end payment solution
  • Increases profits by establishing an in-store footprint that rapidly adapts to emerging payment options and channels


Additional information

  • Improve flexibility  - Leverage off-the-shelf support for leading card types, devices, acquirers, networks and host systems, improving speed-to-market
  • Enhance customer experience – PINComm helps assure a consistent purchasing experience with other payment channels offered by the retailer
  • Retailers can choose from a wide array of major payment devices
  • Beyond payment prompting, PINComm supports additional features such as scrolling receipt, signature capture and scan ahead services to enhance the customer experience
  • Provides a footprint in the retail store for emerging and future payment options