Integration Tool Kit (ITK)

The ITK automatically maps the payment data from the POS to a standard ACI retailer message format. Converting the payment messages allows the POS application to communicate, via this single integration point, with our In-store and retail payment switch solutions and services.

Key benefits

  • POS Application Vendors simply write to the ITK’s API and they become insulated against PCI and mandate changes.
  • Eases integration to the ACI payment switch.
  • Supports multiple flavors (.jar, .dll, .so) of the ITK for retailers who have invested on various in-store platforms
  • Quickly adapts to evolving market security guidelines
  • Allows for rapid integration into the ACI On-Demand services for payment processing.
  • Dramatically reduces integration costs when switching POS vendors or migrating to the ACI retail solution.

Additional information

  • Strong AES 256 bit Encryption
  • Easily expands to support emerging payment types giving retailers the chance to quickly offer additional payment tenders and channels
  • Supported by leading POS vendors
  • Easy to use ‘recipe cards’ for each payment type supported