ACI Consumer Banking

Consumer Banking leverages the power of the ACI Self-Service Banking platform to provide a consistent, real time experience across the channel as well as across all ACI Self-Service solutions. The solution can be installed on-premise or at our world-class On-Demand data center.

Key benefits

  • Expand customer relationships
    On-demand features and real-time transactions help retain and attract new consumers as well as accelerate customer acquisition.
  • Gain exceptional extensibility
    Easily configure additional ACI channels, such as Consumer Banking, Business Banking, Mobile Banking and Voice Banking.
  • Create new fee income opportunities
    Generate fee revenue and provide value-added services to the bank’s most profitable customers.
  • Simplify operations
    A browser-based user interface, the Banking Manager, enables a shared infrastructure for administrative and operational efficiency.
  • Consistent ease of use
    A simple screen layout ensures ease-of-use and preferences allow for a personalized online experience.
  • Streamlined, real-time interaction
    A common data model means CSRs have full visibility into customers, accounts, transactions and activities. Customers have access to fully updated transaction details and balances.
  • Industry-leading security
    A comprehensive layered security approach, including integrated behavioral analytics (powered by Guardian Analytics) helps protect against fraud. 
  • Constant, diligent compliance
    Helps ensure disclaimer management and audit trails for financial audits.
  • Stability and performance
    Our proven platform offers business continuity options that ensure customers are not kept waiting.

Additional information

  • Complete transactional services, including balances, bill pay, transfers, stop payments, view deposit slips, checks and statements, make loan payments, order checks and more.
  • Single, integrated platform for consumer online, business online, mobile and voice banking.
  • Reliable transaction processing any time of day through standard routing, monitoring and stand-in and night mode capabilities.
  • Integrates with the majority of core host systems for U.S. community and regional financial institutions. 
  • Effective branding and marketing helps keep the bank brand consistent and fresh across the online channel.
  • Improve customer service and collaboration with live chat and instant messaging integration.
  • Manage financial needs with tools that track activity and transactions across multiple accounts.