ACI Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) Services

With ACI EBPP Services, billers can offer the broadest options for notifying and delivering electronic bills and receiving electronic payments, resulting in the most consumer convenience and greatest cost savings. ACI EBPP Services offers choice of payment types (one-time, recurring, fee-based), payment channels (web, mobile, IVR or call center) and funding options (ACH or credit, debit or prepaid) to meet the needs of every consumer segment.


Key benefits

  • Built upon the ACI Bill Payment Engine

  • Streamline operations

    Leverages Bill Payment Engine, a single, integrated platform that powers the entire bill payment operation to enable billers to streamline the complexities of bill presentment and payment processing to achieve the best results possible while eliminating application silos
  • Increase customer choice and convenience

    Provides convenient notifications, bill presentment and payment options to each customer segment
  • Reduce complexity

    Offers the most integrated system across notifications, bill presentment and payments across all channels and payment types
  • Improve customer service

    Enables a single view into all customer records, bills and payments
  • Simplify treasury operations

    Provides a single view of all payments from all channels and concentrates all payments into a single daily deposit
  • Minimize risk

    Adheres to industry-leading security, full PCI compliance and privacy practices

Additional information

ACI can host a complete solution, or billers can start with a single service and add as business needs grow. Payment services include:

  • One-Time Payments enable customers to make payments without having to sign up for an ongoing service
  • Recurring Payments enable customers to engage in an online billing relationship, where they can store funding accounts and set up single or automated payments
  • Fee-Based Payments charge a small fee to the consumer to deliver the convenience of electronic bill payment at no additional cost to the biller
  • Integrated Treasury Management delivers funds in full for all of yesterday’s bill payments while delaying payment processing fees until the end of the month
  • Disbursement Services gives billers a way to process credits and refund payments to consumers