2013 hall of fame

· Union Bank of India - Overall ACI Excellence Award Winner

· Federal Bank of India - Product Innovation, Public Voting Winner

· Mercantile Bank of Michigan - Mobile Banking and Payments Excellence

· HDFC - Operational Excellence in Self-Service

· Bankart d.o.o - Operational Excellence in Fraud Management

· The Palmetto Bank - Customer Experience Excellence Award

Project summaries

Union Bank of India

Blind persons are mostly dependent on their friends, family or other unknown persons to withdraw cash at the ATM on their behalf. However, a majority of blind people would prefer to have financial independence. Illiterate customers and elderly persons also face difficulty operating normal ATMs.
UBI’s Talking ATM has set a benchmark for accessible banking in India and provided financial access to the blind person in getting cash on their own at anytime. It has provided greater banking usability for the blind, illiterate and aged populations.

ACI Excellence Award Winner Union Bank

The development of a configuration on BASE24 host end, made it possible to develop a bilingual Talking ATM solution that uses synthetic speech and requires no special ATM card/binto initiate speech mode. BASE24 host software has the capability to process the message data related to voice guidance and uses it  to develop a config file download solution. 
In this Talking ATM project, the bank’s approach was “Talking ATM For All” and Union Bank received breakthroughs on accessibility barriers through BASE24 support for terminal management like pushing screens, files, voice files etc. to the ATM. Process re-engineering was done at the host and ATM terminal end. Inclusive design provides ATM access to the general public as well as to the blind.
UBI’s Truly Accessible Bilingual TTS technology based Talking ATM which was launched in June 2012, has achieved certification as the first accessible IT solution in India of its kind by the LIMCA Book of Records.
Amazing experiences have been shared by blind users such as, “it was a great feeling to transact through my ATM card independently,” and, “the first bilingual accessible ATM is one such example of what true accessibility in an ATM really is.”
To date we have deployed 32 Talking ATMs and our numbers are growing every day.

Federal Bank of India

Federal Easy Gold is a new benchmark in the industry as far as loan against pledge of gold is considered. If customer convenience is the need, Easy Gold is the solution.

Federal bank logoIt is an innovative scheme and the first of its kind in India. It is an overdraft facility against a pledge of gold that offers the comfort of withdrawing the loan amount using a debit card. The loan amount can be withdrawn through the ATMs of any bank/agency world over, or can be used to make merchant payments via POS (Point of Sale) terminals. Customers can also request for cheque book facility under the scheme.
The project was taken up as part of Federal Bank’s continued commitment to enhancing the customer experience through innovation and technology absorption. With this path breaking product, Federal Bank has integrated the advantages of convenience and flexibility to customers and strengthened its position as a bank of choice. Along with this, the value addition helps the bank to build up its loan portfolio.

Mercantile Bank of Michigan Mercantile Logo

ACI’s efforts to build an industry leading mobile banking solution has exceeded our expectations, and given Mercantile a platform to build a mobile experience that rivals/exceeds that of many of the largest banks in the world.
A well -designed native app user interface across iOS, Android, Black Berry platforms and especially the new tablet-specific layout has been generating a very positive response from our user base.  Beyond that, the depth of features and functions within the new apps (including P2P, bill pay, and the upcoming RDC) can compete well with any FI offering.
Mercantile and ACI were the first bank/provider in the world to work with PayPal to offer a mobile P2P capability, and the integration improvements in the new native apps create an even better customer experience.
The ability to differentiate using the combination of exceptional community bank service/relationships and the convenience of the best set of online/mobile banking tools is a cornerstone of Mercantile’s strategy.  Mercantile is proud to have partnered with ACI in helping develop and launch this platform.


The Green Pin Project is one of HDFC Bank’s innovative ways to Go Green – no more sending physical paper PIN mailers to customers for new cards or new PIN requests:
• Paperless - avoid printing of physical PIN mailers and couriering them to customers
• Reduction in risk as there are no opportunities for the courier company to intercept the physical PIN mailer
• Cost saving in specialized PIN paper, PIN printer consumables and courier costs
• Direct and  instant delivery of authorization code to customer’s registered mobile phone
• The customer also experiences instant gratification as they can now instantly regenerate their PIN and select a new PIN at the ATM (post verification at the Call Centre or NetBanking), minimizing the turnaround time for a new PIN requests from 3-4 days to minutes, thereby enhancing customer delight
• Reduce the number of courier returns and operations reprocessing on account of
o Incomplete/Incorrect address
o No one to accept the courier
o Courier delays
• Consume fewer resources on the Base24 infrastructure compared to the normal PIN printing process
Green Pin is supported for instant PIN generation and bulk PIN generation. In both cases, the customer would receive a 6 digit “AUTH code” via SMS on their registered mobile number. This “AUTH code” has to be used along with the physical ATM card and customer’s mobile number at an HDFC Bank ATM (10,000+ across the country) to validate the customer. Then the customer can select an ATM PIN for further transactions.
This solution also takes BASE24 into new generation technology by interfacing with Web Services (SOAP) via the introduction of WebGate. BASE24 can now integrate with disparate systems though a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), allowing us to expose the functionality of a perceived legacy system.

Bankart d.o.o Bankart Logo

Bankart, a large regional processor, faced competition from other processors within the local market.  In order to successfully compete, Bankart realized it would have to offer increased levels of service to customers, particularly around the area of fraud prevention. Bankart also had to ensure that it would have robust processes and practices in place designed to meet the latest PCI DSS compliance requirements coming into force.
To achieve these goals, Bankart implemented a tokenization service for their BASE24 authorization system to support the authentication and verification of card payments, at the same time replacing their existing fraud prevention service with the introduction of ACI Proactive Risk Manager, the first version 8.0 installation in the world.
With this, Bankart took the additional precautionary step of ensuring that card holder data monitored through Proactive Risk Manager was tokenized. Tokenization was a concept that theoretically ACI solutions could support but had not been demonstrated previously through either customer or laboratory deployment.
Bankart’s innovation ensured that the end-to-end solution had the ability to receive card holder data(PAN) for BASE24 to authenticate and verify the PAN, for the PAN to then be tokenized and instantaneously passed on the Proactive Risk Manager for fraud detection in real time without degradation to the performance.
The tokenization support has enabled Bankart to offer enhanced levels of security to customers, providing them with live online reporting and put Bankart significantly ahead of its competitors in terms of the fraud prevention it can offer.

The Palmetto Bank The Palmetto Bank Logo

The Palmetto Bank has been serving customers of Upstate South Carolina since 1906. Our mission has always been to give our customers what they want, convenient friendly service with innovative financial products.  As a community bank, we know well the challenges of keeping pace with the demands for new banking technology and being able to offer competitive solutions with other larger institutions in our market, which is why we partnered with ACI to help us complete a total upgrade of our self-service channels in 2012.
The first driver of this move was that we were in need of an upgrade of our nearly 18 year-old voice system that we were running with our core provider.
There was also an even greater need to be able to have a more comprehensive platform for our self-service banking channels that provided both the bank and our customers with a consistent user experience, which wasn’t currently possible with our disparate channels. 
And third on our list was that we had historically run everything internally prior to this project, but in looking at business continuity, security and redundancy, we saw this as an important opportunity to leverage the ACI Data Center and their expertise in providing these services. Ultimately the move to the ACI Data Center would be a better long term strategy for us and enable us to focus our IT efforts elsewhere.
We had also decided that the time had come to offer our customers a mobile banking solution.
The upgrade of our systems and the addition of mobile as well as the move to the Data Center has enabled us to move from batch mode to real-time, ensure a consistent user experience across every self-service channel, enhance availability of our channels and most importantly provide the products and services our customers have come to expect from The Palmetto Bank.
The positive feedback we get back on a daily basis from our customers underscores the importance of completing this critical project for our bank.