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Business owners of smart chip management systems are demanding technology to support the roll out of EMV and help build a more attractive business case.  An in house smart chip management solution needs to be flexible, rich in business functionality and deliver peace of mind.  Please read our whitepaper to fully understand the business case for in house adoption of a smart chip management solution.

> Benefits of an in-house smart chip management solution

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Understanding EMV - Resources

Implementing EMV technology can be a daunting task.  We’ve put together a collection of artifacts to help you through the EMV migration.  As always contact us if you have questions

1. EMV migration timeline
Based on our experience around the world we have put together a recommended project timeline for an EMV migration 

> EMV Project Timeline

2. Liability shift deadline
We’ve put together a comprehensive list of upcoming deadline for the industry 

> Industry Deadlines

3. The impact
The news about liability shifts is not news anymore.  However, the impacts are sometimes unclear.  
In this webinar we dive into the affect EMV will have on issuers. 

Recommended EMV Solution

ACI Worldwide’s EMV solution offers card and smart chip management issuing, transaction processing, and risk capabilities.  For over fifteen years, ACI has developed and implemented complex EMV solutions for numerous high-profile financial services organizations around the world. These solutions have been delivered in a timely manner, with a proven project methodology and risk-averse approach.

Reduced implementation time to avoid liability shifts
ACI has a proven deployment methodology and has completed a variety of EMV implementations in different customer scenarios around the world.
Decreased costs
Reduce operational costs (card issuance, offline transaction processing, fewer branch visits).

Capture new market share
Accelerate mobile payment deployment and exploit full capabilities of the chip and increase market share in the profitable early adopter segment

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